Home visit and peer support groups

Home visit and peer support groups

Ms Cheat Sokha, who works for the Spinal cord Injury Association in Cambodia, have been arranging home visits and peer support groups in different communities in Battambang province during the last two months. This activity is funded by ReSciO.

The last home visit was the 25th of January 2012 in Banan district, Battambang. Cheat Sokha visited 6 person with spinal cord injury and provided material such as catheters, compresses and adhesive tape. Pressure ulcers are a big challenges for this group of people. The home visits this day took about 11 hours, due to bumpy road and big distances.

Previous home visits have been arranged November 24 and December 22, 2012,  in other districts in Battambang province.  This type of activity will continue during 2013. The main goal with those visits is to establish contact with SCI persons, provide some medical material and break the deep isolation that this group experiences.

We will continuously update about the activities that occur out in the field and at the spinal cord injury centre in Battambang.


Picture from the peer group meeting the 25th of January 2013.  The women to the right is Cheat Sokha.

Pia Nolstedt, Board member ReSciO, 2013-01-13