Establishing Spinal Cord Injury Association of Cambodia

Establishing Spinal Cord Injury Association of Cambodia

Project plan

“Spinal cord injury association in Cambodia 2012-2015”


Responsible organization

Rehabilitation Science Organization (ReSCiO), Oslo, Norway


Aim of project:

The project is accordance with the bylaws of Rescio, to improve quality of life for anyone in need of physical rehabilitation. The aim of this project is during a three-year project period to establish a national organization for persons with spinal cord injury in Cambodia. All persons with a spinal cord injury and their relatives are eligible for membership. Persons with interest or health professionals can be supportive members. In the project period, no membership fee will be charged. Participation or membership in the organization is without any obligation. Any member can at any time withdraw his or her membership without any specific reason.


The organization is organized under CDPO. And CDPO will be responsible as an umbrella organization. SCIAC will adhere to Cambodian laws and CDPO bylaws, and strictly non-religious and non-political. The aim of Rescio is to improve conditions for persons with a dual approach: establish an international peer network for spinal cord injured, and through collaboration between health personnel working with spinal cord injured.  These two approaches aim to produce scientifically valid documentation of status and effect of interventions in all projects. Results shall be conveyed in a format appropriate for the reader, and must include both popular as well as scientific versions. The sponsor will be informed by these reports.